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M931A2 6x6 5-ton made by BMY. $21,000

Scroll down for photos and 6x6 parts for sale.


Titled as 1990 and registered with Historic plates.

The military sent this truck through “reset” whereas the truck was fully disassembled and each of its components sent back to the manufacture and rebuilt. It is considered “zero timed”. The frame was sandblasted and the rebuilt components installed. The doors and glass are new.

The engine is a turbocharged Cummins 8.3L straight-six.

The transmission is a 5 speed Allison automatic.

The truck has air brakes with a “sneezer”. It appears to be a CDL is not required if not used commercially or as a combination (using the 5th wheel). The code seems clear on this. I’m not an authority here.

The truck came equipped with the central tire inflation system. These were very unreliable. All parts are there and it worked when tried.

The truck is equipped with ABS (Anti-lock brakes). This is a big deal on a bob-tail tractor. Nice.

The tires are 14.00R20’s with lots of treads.

The truck has military rear splash guards on a custom bracket. Looks great.

Sun has damaged both seats. Mainly passenger seat.

The rest of the truck is very nice. No other known squawks.

After reset, it spent its days sitting in a lot until the government sold it at auction 4 years ago. Looking at the 5th wheel, it hasn’t been used more than a couple of times.

Removing the 5th wheel plate provides a platform for making your back-end. Flatbed? Pickup? Camper? Haul your HMMWV? In and out of oilfield leases? What a great 6x6 Cummins platform for less money than a 4x4 diesel pickup. Cool.

I’ve put well over 1,500 miles on the truck. The short wheelbase is great for maneuvering and we routinely park it in standard parking slots at hotels and restaurants. Try that with an M923! Fun and usable.

m931 for sale m931a2 for sale

Passenger Doors Complete

P/N 7373294 With glass, handles and hinges. $450

Cab Fenders $60 ea

(R or L) or $100 for (1)L + (1)R pair. (Not hood fenders)

Grills $250


Tow Bars $500 ea.

Military surplus. Un-used but roughly handled.

Ships with used HMMWV feet. This is the same bar used for 5-tons but with different feet. 5-Ton feet would have to be purchased elsewhere (7550983). 39,000 pounds rated. These are the late model bars updated with the heavy collars. This updated version cost the government over $2,000 ea. Nice bars.

Battery Box Vent Hose $2ea

NSN 4720-01-195-7604

Slave or trailer cable strain relief $15 ea.

This is a 16" long spring with some brackets for hanging the trailer cables. Not listed for the 5 ton series trucks specifically.

To order, email a list of items and a shipping zip code along with business or residential address. We will email back a shipping rate if we arrange shipping. We can then have PayPal forward a PayPal invoice to your E-Mail account that your PayPal is using, indicating items to be purchased and shipping. Once PayPal payment has been made, we usually ship within 2 business days. As always, you are welcome to arrage shipping yourself and / or pick up at the warehouse in Evansville yourself. Shipments picked up at the warehouse or shipped to an Indiana address will require we collect indiana 7% sales tax.

5 Ton Seat Bases $125 ea

This replaces the shock absorber and the rusted stuck crank with out-of-the-box-new complete base. Just add seat.


Muffler $160ea.

Speedo and Tach cable $35 ea.

This is the long one. Although the nominal length is given as 157.188", most of these have measured closer to 15 feet long.

Used on many if not most of the M931, M936, M923, M925, M813A1, M814, M927, M928, M818, M929, M930, as well as radar sets and night sights.

Wheel chocks with chains and hooks. $15

Air Valve for Brake trailer control $35 ea.

PN 11669066


Silver sharpie used to hi-light text below...Item shipped not hi-lighted.

Bendix 106896 brake valve $15ea.

Top="in", sides="out", bottom="Exhaust"

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