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General Dynamics Growler Transmission

52111013AH NPG 54660 JEEP 2007-2011 3.8L V6 Transfer Case $1,490.00 +frt. No core is required. FOB 47710

Government Surplus. NP241. 4:1 ratio.
We believe this to be Jeep 2007-2011 from the tags attached to the unit. Photos of those tags are shown below. Please verify this is what you need before purchase. We will send you any photos you need. Just ask.
The paperwork that came with the unit is a bit hard for us to trace. We have (2) NSN numbers. 2520-01-604-7712 with paperwork showing serial 2EE6-172-DEE which is grease penned onto the unit itself. We also have NSN 2520-01-596-4580 paperwork showing a General dynamic part number 43019502. This part appears to be American Growler. Both labels are shown below and it is possible both are correct, or only one is correct. The unit has one bent mounting stud.
Either way, we consider the NPG tags affixed to the unit itself indicating its Jeep origins as the way to go.

• 2007 Jeep transfer case 52111013AH
• 2008 Jeep transfer case 52111013AH
• 2009 Jeep transfer case 52111013AH
• 2010 Jeep transfer case 52111013AH
• 2011 Jeep transfer case 52111013AH
• Please verify your fitment. No returns

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