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Humvee M998 Truck and Parts For Sale

Cargo Slide 4'x6' $450ea.

4' wide by 6' long. Pulls out 4' on roller bearings with a simple lift of the handle. Can be stopped at each 1' of extension. Holes every 6" around the rim for securing the load.

Guessing the government bought these to make loading ammo boxes in and out of the HMMWV and the HMMWV trailers easier. Just a guess. If you have a picture of these installed in a military vehicle, we would like to see it.
Units are not used but are not new either. Functionally perfect but weathered. (Need paint)

Right Rear Upper Reinforced Control Arm $50ea

PN 6030618

NSN 2530015548315

Upgraded for armored HMMWV Heavy.


Lower LF or RR Control Arm $110ea.

6013200B1, 6016751, RCSK17250

NSN 2530014207895

Upgraded for up armored M1113 HMMWV Heavy.

6.2L / 6.5L Non-Turbo Cylinder Head $250 ea.

Gov't Surplus/New. Some surface rust. Dressed with valves installed.

PN 10163712

NSN 2815-01-313-4309

M998 Waterpumps. $30ea.

NSN 2930011937802


14050546,14061698,14082745,15633465, 23500133

Not for serpentine belt applications.

HWMMV Pitman arms new $65

Part No 6035179

NSN 2530015544732

HMWWV Pitman Arm

Seat Frame $30ea.

Pre 1994 M998 front seat frames, or man-cave chairs.

12338503-1 Drivers.

30lbs to ship. No returns.


HMMWV M998 Rear Bumper $180 + frt

H1 Hummer Door Straps $135

Custom one off. (2) sets were made, and only this set is for sale. Not making any more. Powder coated steel, laser cut brackets, nylon webing with kevlar stitching. Will not fit M998's and such.

M998 HMMWV Hood Reinforcements

$100 per set.

Used to prevent cracking in the M998 hood and to stop existing cracks.

Comes with left and right panel, bag of rivets and instructions.

NSN 2510-01-1547-7220 Government paid $354 per set.

CUCV brake pads. Semi Metalic $20

MD52S 2530-01-158-1458

HMMWV Suspension Bushing PN12338314 2530-01-186-3740

New 1 for$50, 2 for $75, 4 for $100

HMMWV rear alignment bushings.

For you custom car builders, these are 7/8x18 thread and fit the TeraFlex 4107122 threaded insert.

M998 Noggin Kockers

Keeps driver from bumping their head on the B Pillar.

(4) for $35

Tow Bars $500 ea.

Military surplus. Un-used but roughly handled.

With used HMMWV feet. 39,000 pounds rated. These are the late model bars updated with the heavy collars. This updated version cost the government over $2,000 ea. Nice bars.

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