ThunderV12, LLC

LED Dome Light 12vdc or 24vdc

White wire produces white light, blue wire produces blue light.
Military surplus for the MRAP line of vehicles.

Grote 82620, P/N MRP13003-001

$40 ea.

We have seen these retail for over $130.

To order, email a list of items and a shipping zip code along with a business or residential address. We will email back a shipping rate if we arrange to ship. We can then have PayPal forward a PayPal invoice to your E-Mail account that your PayPal is using, indicating items to be purchased and shipping. Once PayPal payment has been made, we usually ship within 2 business days. As always, you are welcome to arrange to ship yourself and/or pick up at the warehouse in Evansville yourself. Shipments picked up at the warehouse or shipped to an Indiana address will require we collect Indiana 7% sales tax.

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