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Mk14 Trailers for sale

Like new. 50,000lb capacity. Great rubber, new brakes, both drive axles, driveshaft. Great to use on an MK48 or for parts. $7,500.
Comes with a new in-the-box tow bar that allows the trailer to be pulled by a pintle hitch.

The MK48 is gone, but scroll down for parts.


NSN 2815015000668 M977 Engine

8V92TA 450HP, 1250TQ Detroit Diesel HEMTT engine.

Low-time take-out in steel crate. NSN data indicates the government paid $54,000 for the engine and over $2,000 for the crate. These are the late model 736ci V8 2 stroke engines that have a turbo that feeds into a supercharger. Wow.

Long block with induction and exhaust to turbo As-Is $5,500.

Running with a computer, starter, flywheel, oil filter housing, filter, fuel filter housing, filter, elect fuel pump, starting harness, oil pressure gage, piston compressor, temporary fuel tank, battery, and key switch $12,500

Test stand engines are not to be left unattended while running. Keep a fire extinguisher handy and note that fuel, battery, and heat are in the same container.


8V92 Blower Reman $850



Crankshaft pullies for many Detroit 2 stroke diesel engines.

8V92TA and some 6V71. $75

Part# 5146430, NSN 3020-01-051-9454





3" Diameter Spring with bracket, wear sleeve, and hardware for trailer hoses and wires. $15

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