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Re-Birth of the GMC 702 ci V12 Engine

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Brand new 6L90E transmissions. Limited supply. This is the heavy-duty 1 ton and 3/4-ton 6-speed automatics. These are straight from a GM assembly plant and were destined for 2010 Chevy 3/4-ton vans. One-shot deal. When gone... they are gone. With converter $2,200 ea.

A few V6 distributors in their boxes labeled rebuilt in 1992. No gears caps or rotors. They do have points and both advances. These came in a lot of purchases. $35 ea.

Drain Plug for oil pan w gasket -new $10

Stock V12 Crankcase air filters- $15.

PCV Valves. $4ea. These screw into the heads of the industrial (not truck) engines, under the valve cover, and into the Siamese intake tract. Most heads are drilled and tapped here. But not all. 1 per head.

Stock V12 oil filters - $20.

Spark Plugs $2ea. Not for LP or Natural.

Factory service manuals covering the GMC V-12's and some V-6's. Supply and sources dwindling. Used but in good shape. $100

Used PTO clutches. These are lever-action clutches that were used to engage V12 power to a stationary load. $400. Well, used. Working when removed. As is.


V12 aluminum crossover manifold. These connected the two v12 intake manifolds and allowed a single carb. Well, used. $75.


V12 Intake Manifolds. If you have been wanting to modify your old manifold for more power but were afraid you might ruin the original, then order some spares from ThunderV12. $50 ea.


V12 Valves. New Intake $30 ea.$300/ v12 set. New sodium-filled Exhaust valves are in stock again at $40 ea. $400/v12 set. Recut good used Intake $15, recut exhaust $20.

To order, email a list of items and a shipping zip code along with if the business or residential address. We will email back a shipping rate if we arrange to ship. We can then have PayPal forward a PayPal invoice to your E-Mail account that your PayPal is using, indicating items to be purchased and shipping. Once PayPal payment has been made, we usually ship within 2 business days. As always, you are welcome to arrange to ship yourself and/or pick up at the warehouse in Evansville yourself. Shipments picked up at the warehouse or shipped to an Indiana address will require we collect Indiana 7% sales tax.

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